Put a New Coat of Paint on an Old Canoe!

Posted on January 23, 2016 by Daniel Hansen

We received a great question the other day from one of our customers. Here's the deal: He has an old, plastic canoe and he's looking to clean it up with a new coat of paint. He was wondering which product of ours would work best?

The best product for that situation is our Topside Marine Enamel. It's an extremely durable, high gloss, solvent-based finish. It has excellent self-leveling abilities which simply means that when it's brushed or rolled out, it will naturally level out giving you a very smooth, very professional finish. It's a great way to give an older canoe a facelift!

If you're thinking that's a project you might like to tackle, here's what you need to do:

  • Sand the canoe with 220-320 grit paper to create an etched surface to which the paint can adhere.
  • Wash the surface to ensure that it is free of grease, dust, dirt, etc.
  • Apply Topside Marine Enamel using either a brush or a roller.

And that's it! You may want to apply a couple coats for durability and added protection, but the process is very simple. The big thing to remember here is that it's all about the prep work! Take the time to prepare the surface and the project will turn out beautifully!

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